8 Cool Things that Happened over Graduation Week

Graduates of CSU's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine walking out of Moby Arena after graduation

Almost 500 undergraduates, graduate students, Ph.D. candidates and DVM students graduated from CSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in May. Here are some other awesome things that happened that week.

1. Neuroscience’s largest class graduated

The neuroscience major was introduced to CSU students in 2014, which means the major is younger than:

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage, and their first-born child, George
  • The word “selfie,” which became Oxford dictionary’s “Word of the Year” in 2013
  • Snapchat

Twenty-one graduates might not seem like a lot compared to the total 4,165 CSU students who graduated that weekend, but for the 4-year-old major, it’s a big deal.

Graduates from all majors in the college include:

  • 21 neuroscience students
  • 61 biomedical sciences students
  • 16 environmental health students
  • 36 microbiology students
  • 138 DVM students
  • 57 graduate students
  • 7 Ph.D. candidates

2. Four students were named Outstanding Graduates at graduation

Stephanie Mills, Biomedical Sciences Outstanding Graduate

Stephanie Mills accepting her outstanding graduate award from CW Miller“Stephanie not only had a 4.0 with many, many A+, but I don’t believe I ever have seen anyone who has done so much for others and accomplished so much in such a short period of time.” -C.W. Miller,  professor and associate head for undergraduate education, Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Emily Cunis, Environmental Health Outstanding Graduate

Emily Cunis accepting her outstanding graduate award from Judy Heiderscheidt“I think when she’s at Disney, they should develop an entirely new character and model it after Emily.” -Judy M. Heiderscheidt, assistant professor and director of undergraduate education.

Jessica Gaevert, Microbiology Outstanding Graduate

Jessica Gaevert accepting her outstanding graduate award from Dr. Erica Suchman“She consistently exhibits maturity, professionalism, and an eagerness to embrace new experiences. Her enthusiasm is unmatched, and she is truly an inspiration to new and continuing students.” -Megan Kosovski, coordinator of academic programs.

Daiszha Cooley, Neuroscience Outstanding Graduate

Daiszha Cooley accepting her outstanding graduate award from Dr. Phil Quirk“Daiszha has tremendous intellect, and is capable of understanding, distilling and explaining the most complex constructs. Combined with her exceptional work ethic and appetite for knowledge, I would regard her as one of the best students I have worked with during my 12 years at CSU. On top of all that, Daiszha is kind, cheerful, and has the unique quality of making everyone around her better.” -Dr. Matt Rhodes, associate professor of psychology.

Read about additional Outstanding Graduates Parker Lewis and Braede Wilcox.

3. Graduating veterinary students wrote inspiring letters to the students taking their place next year

Read the full letters written by Drs. Stacey Hunvald and Janin Post.

4. Dr. Tim Holt put a little magic into his faculty address…literally

5. Dr. Christi Leong made us 😂, 😭, and 👏 during her commencement address to fellow classmates

And so did Dr. Anna Fails.