About the image: Student Sophia Stromberg works on a COVID-19 biobank research project in the Toxicology and Nutrition Lab.

The Rise Issue

We dedicate this issue to the dreamers, the planners, the caregivers, and the collaborators. The up-before-the-sun, never-say-never, always-essential workers. To the researchers, the mentors, the teachers, the students, and everyone who supports them. Science and medicine have always been an act of rising to the challenge, of anticipation, invention, and discovery, not just during a crisis, but before and after it as well. You were always dedicated and ready to make an impact. This is your moment. Together, we will rise.


Pandemic Proof

The pandemic is far from over, yet the past year contains ample proof that the College will help end it. We spoke to faculty, staff, and students who have contributed to this massive effort, and from their stories we distilled the 10 practices that make us pandemic-proof.

Med School Meets Real World

The first cohort of third-year medical students arrived in Fort Collins in June 2020 to complete their clinical training with the new Colorado State University medical school campus and spearhead service-learning projects.

Out of the Dark

Why did I choose to be the agent of death for my animals? It might seem like a very odd way to express my love... but I knew this act would fulfill our promise to spare them the kind of suffering that causes nightmares.


Class of 2021

We polled a cross-section of our graduating students about their hopes and dreams, and even though the coronavirus pandemic has changed commencement plans, their futures look bright!

Conversation: Alex Bailey & Rushika Perera

A chat with Dr. Rushika Perera, an associate professor of virology and the chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and Alex Bailey, a member of the College’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and a third-year student in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.