About the image: Anna Fagre and Ash Malmlov (center) started the Bat Health Foundation to bring together scientists, veterinarians, and public health professionals to protect bats and promote public health. Conor Blanchet (left) and Aaron Wallace (right) founded Lacuna Diagnostics, the world’s first point-of-care cytology solution.

The Changemakers Issue

Nicole Kelp, Ashley Anderson, and Melissa Burt are CSU professors, scientists, and parents. Collectively, they argue that scientists have a responsibility to tackle the climate crisis and misinformation through good science communications. They seek to humanize science and connect with new audiences through inclusivity, interconnectedness, and shared values. They are Changemakers.

Changemakers understand that our species is facing many crises. These crises threaten human and animal life, public health, and the environment. We will not solve them alone. We will solve them together with courage, collaboration, and action. We dedicate this issue to all of the Changemakers who are pioneering a better future.

Nicole Kelp, Ashley Anderson, and Melissa Burt



First Person: Finding Meaning After Loss

Edith Silvas Villalobos is the diversity, equity, and inclusion coordinator for the One Health Institute, working to connect social justice and DEI work to advance the health of humans, animals, and the environment.