Spring Forum celebrates college goals, vision

Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences celebrates its Living Our Values Award winners at the 2019 Spring Forum. April 30, 2019

Dean Mark Stetter updated the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences faculty and staff on college accomplishments and strategic goals at the annual Spring Forum on April 30.

Highlights include:

  • Outstanding participation from Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Health, Microbiology, Neuroscience majors in the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity showcase: 67% of the “Best in Show” winners came from the college.
  • The DVM program had 2,284 applicants for 148 spots this year, and the incoming class represents an uptick in diverse demographics with 22% underrepresented/minority students, 40% rural background, and 17% first-generation.
  • Building plans: National Western Center Animal Health Complex, a new Center for Vector-Borne and Infectious Disease, the Johnson Family Equine Hospital, the Western Slope Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, and the Biomedical Discovery Center.
  • Wellness programming including a motivational talk, “From the Depths of Self-Doubt to Winning Big and Living Fearlessly,” mental health first-aid, mindfulness and fitness programs, Notice and Respond suicide prevention training, and Friend to Friend support for DVM students.
  • Diversity and Inclusion efforts to train faculty and recruit under-represented students.
  • $323.1 millions raised toward the “State Your Purpose” campaign.

Stetter also present the college’s Living Our Values awards to the following recipients:

Accountability: Amy Nalls, Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
“Amy works tirelessly and selflessly to support everyone in the PRC. We value most her judgment and dependability, her commitment to the research and the PI’s, and her attention to detail.”

Amy Nalls is presented with the Accountability Living Our Values award by Dean Mark Stetter.
Dean Stetter (left) presents Amy Nalls (right) with the Accountability award.

Collaboration: Justin Lee, Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
“Dr. Lee is an excellent communicator, both in science and in interpersonal relationships. He is honest, intelligent, respectful and understanding, which enables him to communicate clearly, kindly and effectively.”

Justin Lee is presented with the Collaboration Living Our Values award by Dean Mark Stetter
Dean Stetter (right) presents Justin Lee (left) with the Collaboration award.

Innovation: Heather Hall, Biomedical Sciences
“Heather has developed strategies to improve our graduate admissions process as well as a series of extracurricular events to improve our graduate student outcomes.”

Heather Hall is presented with the Innovation Living Our Values award by Dean Mark Stetter
Dean Stetter (left) presents Heather Hall (right) with the Innovation award.

Respect: Nic Lambrechts, Clinical Sciences
“Dr. Lambrechts is inclusive and welcoming, he reaches out to his colleagues, nurses, and students on a daily basis when he is on clinics. He’s quick to recognize others for their talents, and is a patient and kind teacher.”

Dean Mark Stetter (right) presents Nic Lambrechts (left) with the Respect Award.
Dean Mark Stetter (right) presents Nic Lambrechts (left) with the Respect award.

Transparency: Kelsey Schneider, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
“Kelsey is happy to explain why the issues arise and what was done to resolve them, when appropriate, and in a manner that is understood by those less IT-oriented.”

Dean Stetter (right) presents Kelsey Schneider (left) with the Transparency Award.
Dean Stetter (right) presents Kelsey Schneider (left) with the Transparency award.

Team: Pharmacy, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
“I have countless number of times seen the pharmacy team ready to serve students, interns, residents, faculty, and clients that are waiting at their doors to open, and have seen pharmacy stay open until the immediate needs of the hospital and clients are met for the day.”

Dean Stetter presents the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's pharmacy team with the Team Award.
Dean Stetter presents the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s pharmacy team with the Team award.

Overall college award: Kelly Santangelo, Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
“Dr. Santangelo respectfully manages and welcomes different philosophies and beliefs in her lab. Further, she often seeks out opportunities to diversify and promote growth which is demonstrated by the array of departments her students come from, which include MIP, HES, VTH, Engineering, EHS, TMI, and Clinical Sciences.”

Dean Stetter (right) presents Kelly Santangelo (left) with the Living Our Values award.
Dean Stetter (right) presents Kelly Santangelo (left) with the Living Our Values award.

Patent recipients:

Dr. William Brazile – Personal Sampling Belt

Drs. Steven Dow, Daniel Regan, Amanda Guth – Methods and Compositions for Enhancing an Immune Response, Blocking Monocyte Migration, Amplifying Vaccine Immunity and Inhibiting Tumor Growth and Metastasis

Drs. Thomas Hansen, Terry Nett – Early Determination of Pregnancy Status in Ruminants

Dr. Timothy Holt – Identification of Cattle at Risk of High Altitude Pulmonary Hypertension

Drs. Trent Lund, Robert Handa – Use of Equol for Treating Androgen Mediated Diseases

Dr. Leslie Stone-Roy – Tongue Stimulation for Communication of Information to a User

Dr. Douglas Thamm – Immunosignature Based Diagnosis and Characterization of Canine Lymphoma

Dr. Ian Orme – Compositions and Methods for Treatment or Prevention of Tuberculosis

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