College undergraduates honored at research and creativity showcase

Video by Jesse Grace

Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity invites students to share their scholarship, research and artwork in an annual showcase presented by the Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry. “It’s an opportunity for the students to show off what they’ve spent the better part of a year working on,” said Tod Clapp, assistant professor of biomedical sciences, at the April 16 event.

This year, more than 20 students from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences won awards:


Best in Show

Manci Li, Biomedical Sciences: Longitudinal detection of chronic wasting disease prion in captive deer feces by real-time quaking-induced conversion
Mentors: Joanne Tennant, Davin Henderson, Ed Hoover

2nd Place Service Learning

Amelia Chew, Neuroscience: Model of the Meningeal Layers and Intracranial Bleeds
Mentor: Tod Clapp

2nd Place Oral Presentation

Kody Armann, Biomedical Sciences: The Impact of Vitamin A Deficiency on Tuberculosis Disease and Outcome (tie with College of Liberal Arts)
Mentor: Brendan Podell

3rd Place Oral Presentation

Benjamin Fixman, Neuroscience, Zack Fleishhacker and Issac Babcock: Modified Roller Tube Method for Precisely Localized and Repetitive Intermittent Imaging During Long-term Culture of Brain Slices in an Enclosed System
Mentors: James Bamburg, Laurie Minamide, Alsiah Shaw

Highest Honors

Maxwell Drummond, Microbiology: A Model for Determining if NOD2 Expression in CD11c+ Antigen Presenting Cells is Essential for an Immune Response Against an Oral Lactobacillus acidophilous Vaccine
Mentors: Gregg Dean, Allison Vilander

Damian Garno, Neuroscience: X-Ray Crystallography of Adapter Protein Num1cc
Mentors: Steven Markus, Lindsey Lammers

Denis Iavornic, Microbiology: Modification of Host and Pathogen Macromolecules Through in Vitro Glycation
Mentors: Randy Basaraba, Forsset Ackart

Rachel Washam, Microbiology: Proteomic Characterization of three Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Sub-strains: Pasteur, Connaught and Tice’
Mentors: Carolin Mehaffy, Karen Dobos, Nicole Kruh-Garcia

High Honors

Taylor Clarkson, Microbiology: Generating and defining anti-Anopheles gambiae immunity in vertebrates by focusing on critical neuronal antigens
Mentors: Brian Foy, Terza Magalhaes

Sarah Cooper, Microbiology: Detection of CWD Prions in Eyelids of Deer and Elk
Mentors: Ed Hoover, Clare Hoover

Alaura Hoag, Neuroscience: Fungiform papillae density and electrotactile sensitivity between the sexes: a comparative analysis
Mentors: Leslie Stone-Roy, Joel Moritz

Victoria Hoelscher, Neuroscience: Measuring Attention Allocation with EEG in Healthy Adolescents and Young Adults for Future Comparison to Athletes with Concussion
Mentors: Patty Davies, William Gavin, Jaclyn Stephens, Mei-Heng Lin

Coral Isaacs, Environmental Health: Air-Liquid Interface Culture for Assessing Bioaerosol-Induced Airway Inflammation
Mentors: Linda Izzo, Stephen Reynolds, Joshua Schaeffer

Ciara Suggs, Microbiology: Reduction of fecal debris in pinniped flotation procedures
Mentors: Ashley McGrew, Molly Carpenter

Elijah Ullman, Neuroscience: Subunit-Selective NMDA Receptor Modulation by a Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoid Analog Dexanabinol (HU-211)
Mentor: Gregory Amberg

Garin Wilson, Microbiology: Combination use of a Janus kinase inhibitor and a recombinant myxoma virus to treat rhabdomyosarcoma in mice
Mentor: Amy MacNeill

College Honors

Jessica Gaevert, Microbiology: Investigating Immunogenicity Differences Between Native and Recombinant Protein X* Through Identification of Post Translational Modifications
Mentor: Karen Dobos

Joseph Gallegos, Microbiology: Generation & Characterization of Cell Lines Resistant to Prion Infection
Mentors: Jifeng Bian, Julie Moreno, Glenn Telling

Luis Gomez Wulschner, Neuroscience: Comparing Neurological Measures in Multilingual and Monolingual Individuals during a Picture Naming Task
Mentors: Patty Davies, William Gavin

Joshua Kaplan, Neuroscience: Hydrophobic Amino Acids Promote Prion Formation and Degradation in a Context-Dependent Manner
Mentors: Eric Ross, Sean Cascarina

Michelle Near, Neuroscience: Feasibility of Fitbit in Research Involving People with Cognitive Impairments
Mentors: Marielle Darwin, Deana Davalos, Jennifer Cross

Alexis Robison, Microbiology: Dynamics of replication and transmission of CHIKV in Ae. aegypti mosquitoes
Mentor: Claudia Ruekert

Natasha Snyder: GluA2-lacking glutamate AMPA receptors in dopamine D2 receptor-expressed neurons influences multiple behaviors in mice
Mentor: Seonil Kim