Comparative Oncology Research: Accelerating Discovery for Pets and People

May is National Cancer Research Month, launched in 2007 by the American Association for Cancer Research to highlight the importance of lifesaving cancer research. For more than 40 years, CSU's Flint Animal Cancer Center has been at the forefront of comparative oncology research and discovery to benefit pets and people with cancer.

Every mind contains its own world

Edith Silvas Villalobos brings all her identities to the table as she works to make science and higher education more diverse, equitable, and inclusive one relationship at a time.

The college in the news

Coloradoan: Growing plants, doing chores and living without gravity: CSU grad checks in from space

“My time at Colorado State really represented an opportunity to specifically focus on something that I was very passionate about,” he said. “I was really interested in cardiovascular physiology and, specifically, how the heart and the cardiovascular system work in the weightless environment…The faculty, the fellow students, the atmosphere there at CSU, were really just phenomenal.” -Dr. Kjell Lindgren

Western Veterinary Conference: 2022 Continuing Educators and Moderators of the Year

Dr. Tim Holt was named Food Animal Educator of the Year 2022 for his outstanding presentations at the Western Veterinary Conference. Attendees enjoyed his up-to date scientific information and enthusiastic presentations ranging from from PAP testing guidelines and pathophysiology of right heart congestive failure in bovine medicine to a “day in the life of a typical food animal veterinarian.”

Biodiversity Blog: Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in Science


Animal Health

Defend your flock against avian influenza

“Colorado poultry owners should immediately increase their biosecurity protocols to protect their flocks, including limiting exposure of domestic birds to wild birds and other poultry flocks and limiting introduction of new birds into flocks.” -Dr. Maggie Baldwin, Colorado State Veterinarian