Amazing Alumni: Dr. Jon Geller

Once a building contractor, Dr. Jon Geller started veterinary school at the age of 41. Now an emergency veterinarian who is board-certified in canine and feline practice, he has started several emergency clinics in Northern Colorado.

1950s: The Master

Marvin Beeman was awestruck by horses while growing up in the world of mounted foxhunting. After earning degrees in the 1950s, he became a world-renowned equine veterinarian.

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Denver Post: Pets get special, free care

The clinic, held for the fifth year, brings in veterinarians and students from Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins to help local owners who can’t afford high-cost pet care in an area with few local clinics.

Slate: Are Dog Booties Actually Necessary?

I emailed Ilan Frank, a third-year resident at the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation service at Colorado State University’s veterinary teaching hospital. “Ice-melting salts, which usually contain chloride, can create acid that can harm the foot-pads,” he tells me. It’s not a conspiracy, after all.