In Memory: Dr. Edward A. Hoover

Edward “Ed” A. Hoover passed away peacefully on March 1, with family at his side. Ed was named one of twelve University Distinguished Professors at Colorado State University in 2004, elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2014, National Academy of Inventors in 2017, and received numerous other awards. Ed considered his most treasured accomplishment to be mentoring 27 graduate students, mostly DVM-PhDs, whose inquisitiveness and creativity he nurtured.

The college in the news

Washington Post: Want to live longer? Consider planting a tree.

“Many other global studies have looked at similar research questions but use different study designs,” said David Rojas-Rueda, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Colorado State University who has studied the health benefits of vegetation but was not involved in this latest paper. “Most evidence confirms that tree planting is beneficial in reducing premature mortality.”

Vet Candy: Dr. Meghan Barrett

As an integrative veterinarian, she is on a mission to provide a balanced approach of both science-based medical practice and the art of healing. For this University of Hawai’i and CSU veterinary school graduate, making animals feel better includes things like acupuncture, rehabilitation, bodywork, real food, and so much more.

9News: Inside a CSU testing lab for avian influenza

VIDEO: "It's concerning because not all avian influenza viruses cause this level of mortality in birds. There are a lot of avian influenza viruses that birds can live with, and they’re not getting sick and dying. So this is just a particularly pathogenic virus in wild and domestic birds and that is very concerning, and the ability of the virus to transmit directly from birds to mammals is [also] concerning." -Dr. Kristy Pabilonia

Biodiversity Blog: Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in Science

Unconscious bias in medicine

The American Veterinary Medical Association has released their second module in their Journey for Teams initiative featuring our Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Naomi Nishi.


50-year milestone: Spraker reflects on discoveries, travels

When asked what memories stick out the most from his five decades working at Colorado State University, Dr. Terry Spraker lists discovering the first case of chronic wasting disease in an elk, working with a young pathologist named Tony Frank and the burning of Old Main in 1970.

Animal Health

Your healthy dog can help vets understand how dogs breathe in emergencies

The Arterial Blood Gas at Altitude Study at the Colorado State University James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital is looking for healthy dogs, especially brachycephalic (short-muzzled, flat-faced) breeds⁠ — English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and pugs ⁠— to participate in this research that will show veterinarians if dogs breathe differently in high altitude environments.

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