A message about Fall: Back to campus!

With the guidance and approval of President McConnell and the Pandemic Preparedness Team, CSU has started the process of returning classrooms to full capacity for the fall, based on the new vaccine requirements.

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Coloradoan: CSU construction ramps up with 6 projects in progress

The Johnson Family Equine Hospital is being built just north of the Veterinary Health Complex and broke ground in August 2019. The hospital will adopt some of the existing operations from the vet teaching hospital and include the "largest research program in the world for equine sports medicine, orthopedic treatment, imaging and neurology," according to the university.

Scholastic Science World: Can Animals Get Covid-19?

Science World spoke to Dr. Anna Fagre, a veterinarian and microbiologist at Colorado State University. She discusses the impact SARS-CoV-2 is having on animals around the world—and what people can do to keep themselves and other species safe.

Morning Ag Clips: Disaster prep expert to speak at FEMA webinars

FEMA will host a series of live webinars in April as part of its outreach efforts to increase awareness about what happens after this type of record-breaking disaster. Dr. Ragan Adams, Colorado State University veterinary extension specialist and disaster preparation recovery expert, will be a featured speaker for two of the webinars. She is part of the Department of Clinical Sciences at CSU.

Impact Magazine

Beyond the basics: "Foundational science is the point of discovery"

I’ll give you a current example – the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China. Foundational science asks: Where did this virus come from? How does it relate to the other viruses we already know about? Within weeks, the scientific community sequenced the entire genome of the novel strain and determined its relatedness to other coronaviruses.

High exposure: Class of 2019 alumnus climbs for cancer

In May 2019, Grant Haley graduated from Colorado State with a bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular neuroscience and a fierce longing to be part of something bigger than himself. His long-term goals included medical school and a career in oncology or psychiatry, but he wanted to do something unforgettable with his last summer in Colorado.

Walking in beauty: A Navajo scientist confronts the legacy of uranium mining

"Walk in beauty" is a Navajo phrase that I heard a lot growing up. When you walk in beauty, you are in harmony with yourself and with everything around you. You are doing the best you can. I am trying to do the best I can as a Navajo woman and a scientist, to strive for harmony and balance in my work, but the journey is long, complicated, and full of difficult questions.

First person: Journey to the stars

My journey started in 1969, as I – and the whole world – stood still and watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Fast forward 50 years, and Christina Koch and Scott Kelly spend nearly a year in space on board the International Space Station. These out-of-this-world events bring my own, very earthly path into perspective.


Animal Health


COVID-19 Impacts: Perspectives from Women in Science

Sept. 29: Moderated by professor emerita Carol Blair, CSU scientists with diverse expertise will provide their perspectives on a broad array of topics regarding COVID-19. The conversation will stretch from thoughts about the origin and transmission of corona viruses, testing strategies, human and community health impacts, and behavior changes noted during the pandemic.