Soham Ghosh receives NSF CAREER award

The funding will allow Ghosh and his research group to further investigate what causes tissue degeneration when cells and genes are stretched beyond their physiological limit, and how the process can be intervened through medicine.

Outstanding Graduates: Spring 2023

Commitment. Persistence. Resiliency. The Class of 2023 represents the very best of Colorado State University, displaying courage in the face of adversity in the pursuit of their degrees. Meet just a few of the outstanding students from CSU’s eight colleges who are graduating this spring.

CSU Magazine: At CSU, even the labs are going green

“The amount of water and energy used by a research lab is astronomical,” said Rebecca Staudenmaier, lab manager and research associate with the Dobos Lab. “If we can be sustainable, it lowers costs, it can leverage grants, and it’s just the right thing to do. The support of the University makes it easier.”

The college in the news

CBS Colorado: Bison population, with Yellowstone National Park roots, explodes in Colorado

VIDEO: In 2015 researchers at Colorado State University, in conjunction with the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County, released a small herd of bison onto the 2,700-acre Soapstone Prairie north of Fort Collins. The herd originally included just 10 bison, but thanks to advanced assisted reproductive technologies at CSU, the herd has grown significantly and has been kept as close to genetically pure as possible and free of brucellosis.

Ag Daily: Equine infectious anemia reported in horse brought to Colorado

The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s State Veterinarians Office was notified on March 28, 2023 that a horse residing in Garfield County had tested presumptive positive for Equine Infectious Anemia. The initial test was completed at Colorado State University’s Western Slope Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory with the confirmatory test completed at the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, on April 4, 2023.

New York Times: Why Dead Birds Are Falling From the Sky

CSU alum Dr. Nicole Nemeth, a wildlife pathologist at the University of Georgia and her colleagues found a high rate of bald eagle nest failure (no surviving chicks) and adult deaths, with dead birds brought to the lab and confirmed to be ravaged by the H.P.A.I. virus. “It was very sad and alarming,” Dr. Nemeth said.

Knowable Magazine: Inside the brains of aging dogs

Veterinary neurologist Stephanie McGrath at Colorado State University performs MRI scans on participants in the Dog Aging Project, looking for features that may connect brain shrinkage and other physical changes to dementia in older dogs. Most exciting, she says, is that her work suggests MRI might one day be used as an early detection tool.

Biodiversity Blog: Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in Science


Better understanding neurodiversity allows us to create a more inclusive community and to build a more diverse and innovative field of scientists, veterinarians, and other biomedical professionals of tomorrow.


We celebrated our students' research at MURALS and were especially excited for our student winners.

Equity-minded well-being

Well-being is an essential component of building a thriving community, but to reach it, we must center justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.


The Legacy of Dr. Rodney Page

The One Medicine for pets and people approach has guided Dr. Rodney Page’s career. After a lifetime of achievements, Page has announced his plans to retire as the longtime director of the Robert H. and Mary G. Flint Animal Cancer Center and the Stephen J. Withrow Presidential Chair in Oncology.

Animal Health

Your healthy dog can help vets understand how dogs breathe in emergencies

The Arterial Blood Gas at Altitude Study at the Colorado State University James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital is looking for healthy dogs, especially brachycephalic (short-muzzled, flat-faced) breeds⁠ — English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and pugs ⁠— to participate in this research that will show veterinarians if dogs breathe differently in high altitude environments.

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